Finally It Started after 20 years.

“Wow, what a Novel…”

“Such a Plot…”

“I wonder, I can make something like this”

“I wonder, If I can write something of this level”

“I wonder if I can TL it…….”

And Finally after 4 years of learning the taste of LN’s I am here… TL’ing one… Do make sure to check out the constant updates. And Please don’t Post Harsh comments about my accent or grammar… As English is not my 1st Language, I am not that excellent in the grammar parts. So Please excuse me if you find some thing silly written here and there…

Me and My Friend also TL’ingĀ  Manga name “Gan-Kon” so if you want to check out it’s update, you can visit Batoto and check them ^o^ .

This is my first blog, so please have mercy on me… xD